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My Services


1. Corporate Identity (Branding) 2. Electronic Press Kit (EPK) pdf
3. Graphic Artist Per Hour (Design) 4. Market & Industry Research Study
5. Marketing, Digital, Ad, PR Strategy 6. Online Hosting Services (Contract)
7. Online Reputation Management 8. Search Engine Optimisation (Basic)
9. SEO Optimisation Keyword Analysis 10. Web/App Developer Per Hour (Coding)
11. WordPress Website (Free Theme Included) 12. Events Management Services
13. Public Relations & Media Services 14. Blogging & Digital Publishing Services
15. Mailchimp Email Services 16. Social Media Marketing Services
17. Social Influencer Mentions & Campaigns 18. Remote & Onsite Consulting Services


Influencer marketing and campaigns are a very powerful way of getting endorsed and sharing your brand story with a specific audience. You can choose between single post mentions and campaigns. It is a great way to reach your target market and a brilliant way to tap into the following of an influencer to the benefit of your brand.

Please check my rate card for the cost of an influencer campaign and selected digital mentions.

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