Jacqueline Freer

Jacqueline Freer


I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for both business and brands. I am completely performance-driven, fully business-minded, and creatively inspired. I’ve built a career revolving around business management, strategy, and planning alongside bespoke marketing and public relations solutions.

Every brand has a story and a clear brand message. It is my pleasure to tell those stories and effectively communicate the brand messages of my clients. The idea is to offer your target audience relevant, interesting, and engaging content that leaves a lasting impression of your brand and business. Every element of marketing and PR from copywriting, blogging, and press releases through to advertising, social media, and events should be built on a foundation of superior storytelling. Storytelling is how we hook your target audience, thus promoting the brand and creating opportunities for your target audience to relate. Real stories incite emotion, this is what moves people, and that is how you keep their attention.

My PR and marketing roots are firmly set in my music background having worked with record labels (including my own), music licensing, publishing, booking global talent, and managing tours, clubs, and venues. Once I left the music business, over the space of eight years, I built a boutique communications agency based in Cape Town. At the end of 2015, I moved on from Inrichmint Media as founder and GM. I committed myself to the life of a nomad and became a remote professional. Since then, I have launched two new businesses in the retail and agricultural sectors. In addition, and together with my partners, we have registered an NPO where I sit as chairman of the board and CEO. 

My experience includes writing strategy and marketing plans, international and local events management, press releases and media liaison, broadcast & print advertising, music licensing, WordPress, websites, influencer campaigns, newsletters and email journeys, PPC advertising, media buying, database management, and lead generation, customer relationship management, social media management, competition, and content management. I have a strong skill set which includes project management, CRM, strategy, copywriting, SEO, press releases, events management, media liaison, advertising, blogging, influencer campaigns, newsletters & mailing list management, social, and content management.

I offer a range of marketing, digital, public relations, advertising, copywriting, and eventing services. With my BTL & ATL experience, I am fully hands-on when rolling out marketing & PR campaigns. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have worked with some of South Africa and the world’s top brands and agencies. My experience includes copywriting, website content, press releases, Mailchimp mailers and email journeys, social content, SEO blogs, editing, reports, strategies, plans & research.

I write & research both for myself & for clients on a range of subjects including travel & tourism, home & leisure, IT & tech, music & entertainment, food & hospitality, environmental, self-help & motivation, fashion & design, charity & community, parenting & education, and (of course) marketing & PR. I’ve built a career out of creative thinking, conceptualising ideas, bringing those big ideas to life, measuring results, and engaging with both businesses and consumers around the world.

A quote is tailored upon receiving a brief from the client with all the relevant information. I consult with clients on-site or remotely. My rates generally scale depending on the number of hours dedicated to a project, retainer, or campaign. A budget is always a good place to start.

“We wouldn’t let anyone else have access to our sites and social media accounts as we only trust her.”

Alan Prosser, Happy Telecomm, UK (Founder & Owner)