I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for both business and brands. This obsession has served me well. I am completely performance-driven, fully business-minded, and creatively inspired. I’ve built a career revolving around business planning and management alongside bespoke marketing and public relations.

From when I could read, write, and rhyme I knew my life would be forged in the flames storytelling while pioneering through the new world. My childhood holidays with my Granny were days spent in a bubble putting down on paper page upon page of carefully handwritten story. I realised that sincerity and imagination are the jet fuel for incredible stories, and I wanted to be the scribe writing them. But, imagination and curiosity are not enough. One must have direction, pay attention to detail, and (most importantly) be persistent. I always knew that sheer determination is half the job done and the battle won. Hope is not a strategy and a holistic approach to both business and brand management is the best way forward. The key to great marketing and superior PR is a complete understanding of the business world that is deeply fused and intertwined with fantastical strong storytelling.

Every brand has a story and a clear brand message. It is my pleasure to tell those stories and effectively communicate the brand messages of my clients. The idea is to offer your target audience relevant, interesting, and engaging content that leaves a lasting impression of your brand and business. Every element of marketing and PR from copywriting, blogging, and press releases through to advertising, social media, and events should be built on a foundation of superior storytelling. Storytelling is how we hook a target audience, thus promoting the brand and creating opportunities for your target audience to relate. Real stories incite emotion, this is what moves people, and that is how you keep their attention.

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