Remote Specialist – Business Consultant – PR – Marketer – Content Creator

As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business and brands, I have built a career revolving around business management, strategy, and planning fused with eventing, advertising, bespoke marketing, and PR solutions.

My PR and marketing roots are set in my music background having worked with record labels, music licensing, publishing, bookings, and global talent, alongside managing tours and venues. Once I left the music business, I built a boutique communications agency in Cape Town, which I led as founder and GM for eight years. Since then, I have launched new businesses of my own in retail, agriculture, and business consulting.

My services stretch across business planning, research, strategy, feasibility, and budgeting to project management, going hand in hand with marketing and PR elements. My aim is to add benefit to businesses where possible.

Every business has a story and a clear brand message. It is my pleasure to tell those stories and effectively communicate the brand messages of my clients. I strongly believe that every element of marketing and PR, from copywriting, blogging, and press releases to advertising, social media, and events, should be built on a foundation of superior storytelling. Storytelling is how we hook the target audience, promote the brand, and create opportunities for the audience to relate. Real stories incite emotion, and that is how you keep their attention. I’ve built a career out of creative thinking, conceptualizing ideas, bringing those big ideas to life, measuring results, and engaging with businesses and consumers around the world.

My above-the-line and below-the-line experience in the creative space undoubtedly gives me a sharp understanding of marketing and PR.

This means that I understand both traditional and digital marketing channels, including print, television, radio, and outdoor advertising, as well as online marketing, such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing. I also have experience in developing and executing creative campaigns across different media, which requires a deep understanding of target audiences, messaging, and brand positioning. This diverse experience undoubtedly helps me provide comprehensive and effective marketing and PR solutions to my clients.

My ability to create and implement innovative marketing strategies across different channels, as well as my proficiency in measuring results, allows me to provide valuable insights into my clients’ target audience’s preferences and behavior. My knowledge of both above-the-line and below-the-line marketing strategies gives me an edge in crafting integrated campaigns that are both creative and effective. I am skilled at creating engaging content that resonates with my clients’ target audiences and helps them achieve their marketing and PR objectives.

I have detailed my profile and career to date on my website. I’m always open to meeting potential clients to discuss how I can add value to your business.