A Little Added Insight Into Me

I am best described as a passionate creative with a real lust for life and the drive to achieve the goals I set myself. I make the effort to conduct myself professionally and the word “can’t” is not a word that resonates well with me. My personality gives me the ability to explore all available options and find the way to the best possible solution or result.



1. Taste Experiences – From The Vintage Kitchen
2. Inrichmint Records – Digital Music Download Label 
3. Inpress Magazine – Online Lifestyle Publication
4. The Spark Project – Your Daily Dose of Good News
5. Folking Poetry – Pop Up Open Mic Folk & Poetry Night  
6. Your Perfect Social Planner – Exclusive Private Events
7. The Big Sock Story – SOS Children’s Villages (Mandela Day)


As a strong networker and a social butterfly, in my mid-twenties, I discovered that I had a natural flare for events. In 2006 at the age of 26 and eighteen months after the birth of my son, I decided on a career change. I steered my life in a different direction starting within the events sphere and began exploring the digital space. In a space of 9 years, I gained experience and an understanding of various ABL and BTL marketing, media and PR channels including online, print, film, TV and radio. I spent the past seven years building my own boutique agency working with a range of big brands across industries including food, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, environment, travel and tourism. Driven by pure determination. I have had the opportunity to work in, alongside numerous agencies and publications.

My creativity and strategic planning skills blended with agency and project management background, combined with my business development and management experience, allows me to see the bigger picture. My experience and skill set includes reporting, sales, budgets, administration, accounts, payroll, and human resources. I consider myself to be loyal, acting in the best interest of both the business and clients. I listen to the needs of the client and I learn quickly. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of target markets and audiences, I take the time to research the brands I work with. In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for the fine points and specifics, particularly when it comes to presentation. I consider attention to detail to be an indispensable professional virtue.

I pride myself in delivering a high standard of work and, with strong time management skills, I strive to meet deadlines. I am a self-starter, able to manage myself and others. I enjoy working in an office environment while appreciating the value of time spent working remotely. I love working as part of a team. I am firm but fair when it comes to the management of staff and work well in a management role. I am hands on and a believer in motivating colleagues and staff to deliver their best work, while cultivating a culture of collectively creating a positive and productive working environment.