Episode 12: Digital Elements for Business

“THE INTERNET IS THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE DURING MY LIFETIME AND FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS.” Rupert Murdoch The Essential Digital Pillars BACK TO BASICS WITH ONLINE MARKETING Four Digital Elements for Your Business Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your customer, promoting your brand, and keeping your business top of mind.…Read More

Episode 9: The Power of WordPress

Your Brand & Business Deserves The Best “WORDPRESS IS USED BY MORE THAN 74 MILLION SITES THAT PUBLISH NEW POSTS EVERY SECOND.” entrepreneur.com MILLIONS OF PEOPLE JUST CANT BE WRONG Getting Onto WordPress THE LEADING CHOICE FOR EASY TO MANAGE WEBSITES WordPress is a popular, trusted, and cost-effective platform for building, designing, and managing your website,…Read More

Episode 6 – Let The Good Times Roll

UNLEASHING THE GOOD TIMES “BE SO GOOD THAT THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU” STEVE MARTIN Achieve More Through Marketing: Marketing, advertising, and PR contribute to the success of a brand. It’s all about communicating a brand message with the objectives of increasing turnover, creating awareness, and measuring results. We work to achieve the results we desire, go beyond what we aspire…Read More