Freer Times

Episode 7 - Tell Your Story

Communicate Your Brand Message “BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY GIVEN A SMALL SPARK OF MADNESS. IF YOU LOSE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING” ROBIN WILLIAMS   Marketing is no longer about what you sell. It is all about the stories you have to tell. All businesses and brands have a story to tell. From the history of your offering to the forces behind the scenes that keep the gears moving, stories can be found

Episode 6 – Let The Good Times Roll

  The Freer Times – Episode 6: Let The Good Times Roll  “BE SO GOOD THAT THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU” STEVE MARTIN UNLEASHING THE GOOD TIMES Achieve More Through Marketing: Marketing, advertising, and PR contributes to the success of a brand. It’s all about communicating a brand message with the objectives of increasing turnover, creating awareness, and measuring results. It is through hard work that we are able to achieve the results we desire, go