Episode 11: WP Website Kickstart

So, you’ve made the choice to move to WordPress. But, how does it all work and how do you get going with getting your site up? How do you find a WordPress theme? What exactly is a WordPress theme and what does it mean to customise a theme? If a theme is being installed what are you paying for? Is coding an option? All of these are very good questions that deserve straight forward answers. Here are a few insights and a little information to get you up to speed.

Episode 10: 15 Self Marketing Ideas

DIY Marketing for Your Brand & Business   Most business owners and entrepreneurs understand that marketing is highly important and vital to the success of a business. Your brand is how your customers and target market recognise you. It is a big part of how you attract your customers. Your customers choose you over all your competitors based on a number of influencing factors including your price, brand, quality, and reputation.

Episode 9: Power Your Website with WordPress

Your Brand & Business Deserves The Best “WORDPRESS IS USED BY MORE THAN 74 MILLION SITES THAT PUBLISH NEW POSTS EVERY SECOND.” MILLIONS OF PEOPLE JUST CANT BE WRONG Getting Onto WordPress THE LEADING CHOICE FOR EASY TO MANAGE WEBSITES Wordpress is a popular, trusted, and cost effective platform for building, designing, and managing your website, content, pages, and blog. “MORE THAN 50,000 WORDPRESS WEBSITES ARE ADDED PER DAY.” Read More…

Episode 8: Trouble Making Time for Marketing

I’m so busy with the business of running my business that I struggle to find and make the time to market my brand.” THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. The most in-demand commodity is time. Regardless of industry, location, or size, business owners from doctors, lawyers, retailers, through to designers, restauranteurs, and accountants, the cry is the same “I don’t have time for marketing, I’m busy running a business.”. Entrepreneurs struggle to find time for marketing, focusing on business takes priority and every second counts. Read More…

Episode 7 - Tell Your Story

Communicate Your Brand Message “BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY GIVEN A SMALL SPARK OF MADNESS. IF YOU LOSE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING” ROBIN WILLIAMS   Marketing is no longer about what you sell. It is all about the stories you have to tell. All businesses and brands have a story to tell. From the history of your offering to the forces behind the scenes that keep the gears moving, stories can be found

Episode 6 – Let The Good Times Roll

  The Freer Times – Episode 6: Let The Good Times Roll  “BE SO GOOD THAT THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU” STEVE MARTIN UNLEASHING THE GOOD TIMES Achieve More Through Marketing: Marketing, advertising, and PR contributes to the success of a brand. It’s all about communicating a brand message with the objectives of increasing turnover, creating awareness, and measuring results. It is through hard work that we are able to achieve the results we desire, go

Episode 5 - Up To 50% Discount... It's Marketing #Madness!

In the spirit of the month of madness, choose from any of April’s amazing marketing deals. Custom WordPress Website. Max 8 Mobile Responsive Pages & Copy. Excluding All Code (Free Theme). Deal: 50% Discount. R10000 (6 Weeks). Facebook Management. Copywriting, Posting & ORM. Excluding Graphic Design. Deal: 50% Discount. R200 Per Hour.

Episode 4 - Call For Entries: Competition

Brand Competition Campaign Contest 2017 ENTER, QUALIFY, AND COMPETE TO STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING 1 Month Expert Digital Marketing & PR Services for Your Business 8 x Social Media Posts on Your Facebook & Twitter Pages (Twice Weekly Social Schedule) 8 x Shared Social Media Posts to Inpress Magazine Social Pages (Audience of 5000+) 1 x Branded Competition Running on Facebook (Prize Supplied by The Winner/Client) 1 x Facebook

Episode 3 - #KickAss PR & Marketing

“Life is About Kicking Ass Not Kissing It” Don’t expect a professional consultant to walk in and land you clients if you don’t have a methodology that stands out and sets you apart from the rest. You shouldn’t go looking for an expert to fix your PR & marketing if your product and business simply just doesn’t make sense. Don’t hire a consultant so you can relinquish the integral role of PR & marketing to an “expert”. Be part of the process of creating more for your brand and business. Remember one thing… Consultants aren’t magicians.

Episode 2 - #JustSaying Happy New Year

“Cheers to a New Year… and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey. The New Year has arrived. We’ve said goodbye to 2016 while welcoming in 2017 with open arms and open minds. It is time for us to live life to the full, give it our all, and put our best foot forward … especially when it comes to representing your brand.