Episode 5: Up To 50% Discount... It's Marketing #Madness!

In the spirit of the month of madness, choose from any of April’s amazing marketing deals. Custom WordPress Website. Max 8 Mobile Responsive Pages & Copy. Excluding All Code (Free Theme). Deal: 50% Discount. R10000 (6 Weeks). Facebook Management. Copywriting, Posting & ORM. Excluding Graphic Design. Deal: 50% Discount. R200 Per Hour.

Episode 4 - Call For Entries: Competition

Brand Competition Campaign Contest 2017 ENTER, QUALIFY, AND COMPETE TO STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING 1 Month Expert Digital Marketing & PR Services for Your Business 8 x Social Media Posts on Your Facebook & Twitter Pages (Twice Weekly Social Schedule) 8 x Shared Social Media Posts to Inpress Magazine Social Pages (Audience of 5000+) 1 x Branded Competition Running on Facebook (Prize Supplied by The Winner/Client) 1 x Facebook

Episode 3 - #KickAss PR & Marketing

“Life is About Kicking Ass Not Kissing It” Don’t expect a professional consultant to walk in and land you clients if you don’t have a methodology that stands out and sets you apart from the rest. You shouldn’t go looking for an expert to fix your PR & marketing if your product and business simply just doesn’t make sense. Don’t hire a consultant so you can relinquish the integral role of PR & marketing to an “expert”. Be part of the process of creating more for your brand and business. Remember one thing… Consultants aren’t magicians.

Episode 2 - #JustSaying Happy New Year

“Cheers to a New Year… and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey. The New Year has arrived. We’ve said goodbye to 2016 while welcoming in 2017 with open arms and open minds. It is time for us to live life to the full, give it our all, and put our best foot forward … especially when it comes to representing your brand.

Episode 1 - #JustSaying Hello

You may know me from Inrichmint, Inpress Magazine, The Vintage Kitchen or The Big Sock Story. After building Inrichmint over the space of 8 years, at the end of 2015, I moved on and decided to delve into the world of bespoke premium brand consulting. Considering the developments during 2016 I decided to share my professional lessons and experience with Freer Times, and in the spirit of moving forward with the first episode, I thought I’d take the time to properly introduce myself.