My public relations and marketing roots are firmly set in music having worked with digital labels, music licensing, publishing, booking global talent, managing tours, clubs, and venues. Once I left the music business, and over the space of eight years, I built a boutique communications agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. At the end of 2015, I moved on from Inrichmint Media as founder and GM and I committed myself to the life of a remote freelance professional, specialising in bespoke marketing and public relations. I am currently based in Johannesburg with clients in the United Kingdom, Dubai, and South Africa. I have a strong skill set which includes project management, CRM, strategy, copywriting, SEO, press releases, events management, media liaison, advertising, blogging, influencer campaigns, newsletters & mailing list management, social, and content management.

“We wouldn’t let anyone else have access to our sites and social media accounts login details as we only trust her.”

Alan Prosser, Happy Telecomm, UK (Founder & Owner)

With my BTL & ATL experience, I am fully hands-on when rolling out marketing & PR campaigns. My experience includes writing strategy and marketing plans, international and local events management, press releases and media liaison, broadcast & print advertising, music licensing, WordPress websites, influencer campaigns, newsletters and email journeys, PPC advertising, media buying, database management, and lead generation, customer relationship management, social media management, competition and content management. I’ve built a career out of creative thinking, conceptualising ideas, and bringing those big ideas to life, measuring results, and engaging with both businesses and consumers around the world.

My writing experience includes copywriting, website content, press releases, Mailchimp mailers and email journeys, social content, SEO blogs, editing, reports, strategies, plans & research. I write & research both for myself & for clients on a range of subjects including travel & tourism, home & leisure, IT & tech, music & entertainment, food & hospitality, environmental, self-help & motivation, fashion & design, charity & community, parenting & education, and (of course) marketing & PR. The Freer Times is my monthly mailer focused on marketing, digital, and PR. In addition, I am the founder & editor of Inpress Magazine, a passion project which has developed into an online publication with a combined social audience & subscribed readership of over 20,000. There is the Taste Experiences Project under Inpress Magazine with The Vintage Kitchen for practical food tips and My CannaKitchen linked to Head Industries. 

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I’ve worked with award-winning agencies, in various capacities from freelance to full time. The big creative names I have work with (or for) include the likes of international giants such as Ogilvy and Jupiter Drawing Room. My experience includes work with national startups and studios such as Johannesburg based So Interactive and leading Mother City studios Nona Creative, Techsys Digital, and 8 Brand. These agencies are all at the top of their league with Cannes Lions, Louries, Bookmarks, and Assegai Awards under their collective belts. I guess what it really comes down to is that I have learnt from the very best. I have put my best foot forward and tapped into the knowledge of industry leaders and brand pioneers.

“Jacky added enormous benefit to our projects, clients, and streams within our business. I’d recommend her.”

Taryn Springhall, Evolve Integrated Marketing & Communications (GM)


I mean, who doesn’t actually love food, good wine, and outstanding dining experiences. It is an absolute passion to me. I love sinking my teeth into a tasty bite and trying new artisanal beverages inspired by cultures from around the globe. I love sharing my passion for mindblowing taste experiences with an audience who feels the same way I do about living life to the full. I’m fascinated by the finest food, unique drinks, classic cocktails, quality coffee, and extraordinary dining journies. Part of me lives for the perfect combination of flavours, textures, and visual joys of perfectly plated delights. There is more to life than success and riches. Friends, family, food, and fantastic wine are where the good life begins.

“She’s passionate and positive, dedicated and talented. Jacky was friendly, hardworking, and results-driven.”

Shireen Solomon, Purple Cow Communications (Acting GM)


Another one of my life’s favourites is found in the pleasure of travel and hospitality experiences. There is little that matches the excitement and thrill of heading to the airport for a flight that will whisk you away on another awesome adventure. From ruffing it to glamping through to the sheer luxury of Egyptian cotton sheets and the spoils of heavenly spa treatments. From finding the right place to stay to exploring flavour sensations, travel breathes new life into the travel while opening the mind and eyes to experiences previously unknown.

“Her work with Eden Island (Seychelles) shows that she has a future in the agency world, marketing, and PR.”

Shireen Solomon, Purple Cow Communications (Acting GM)


Fashion and retail have been a part of my career since making the move from the music industry. It is where I have done so much of my learning. From the fundamentals and thinking out the box I have taken it all in my stride and worked hard to build a strong portfolio and skills set to see me through. The industry is ever changing along with the traditional methods and new technologies we use to push these brands and businesses forward. I have applied my knowledge and gained experience across marketing platforms and elements. I am always looking for new ways in which we can promote fashion and retail brands. Everybody loves a little retail therapy, an extention to their wardrobe, and a touch of luxury.

“Jacky has written the book of diamond designer jewellery through the descriptions written for each of my pieces.”

Joel Graham, Cape Diamonds (Owner & Founder)


Attending and hosting press and media events is without a doubt one of the perks of my work, I absolutely love it. From learning about top-shelf cognac at the Fine Brandy Show to tasting some of the world’s best beers at the Cape Town Festival of beer and sampling South Africa’s award-winning wines through to having the pleasure of listening to some of our leading local and international music acts, I have really had an awesome time highlighting the good times while attending some of SA’s top events attracting thousands from across the globe.

“Jacky conceptualised and ran digital PR campaigns for our clients. Readership led into tens of thousands.”

Kate Ackerman, Voice Factory (Owner & Founder)