Episode 17: A Power Combination

Episode 17: A Power Combination


Driving Traffic Into The Future

What’s In This Issue:
– How Adwords & Your Website Work Together –
– How Do I Know If My Business Needs Adwords? –
– How Do I Know Adwords is Working for Me? –
– How Much is It Going to Cost Me Every Month? –
– What If I Don’t Have The Time To Dedicate? –
– A Sweet WordPress Website Offer: Pay 25% Less –

How To Know When Adwords is a Winner for Your Business
Driving Traffic Through The Perfect Partnership

The first step is to have and maintain a website, only then should you consider Adwords. You need a website to work in conjunction with Adwords in order to effectively run campaigns and see a return on investment. There are a number of elements to consider when you start working on your Adwords and website in a way that they compliment each other as part of a holistic marketing plan.

Adwords drives traffic to the pages on your website. Your website should be on trend, the first impression counts. Home is always the most important page to drive traffic too, although you are able to target Adwords according to the information you put out on different pages. This works well when it comes to deals, competitions, products and services. Adwords combined with website SEO is essential. In addition, your website should optimised for SEO so customers can find you, even if when you’re asleep. This proactive stance ensures that your website and Adwords campaigns are working for you, regardless of where you are.

“Creating a well-converting landing page is about presenting a sentiment that your audience will connect with. You have one page to build up enough trust to collect personal information from someone who in most cases has had no interaction with your brand before.” Jillian Zacchia (Content Generation at Acquisio)

It important for your landing page to be consistent with your Adwords copy. Your landing page needs to connect with your target audience. The goal is to increase exposure, productivity, and turnover. Your website and Adwords need to work together twenty-four seven to generate strong leads and promote your business effectively, all with the objective of converting traffic into enquiries and sales.

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How To Know When Adwords is A Winner for Your Business


How Do I Know If My Business Needs Adwords?

Adwords isn’t for everyone, that’s the truth. The best way to test if Adwords is going to work for your business and brand is by running a campaign over a minimum of 3 months allowing time to properly measure results. One thing is for sure, you will certainly drive traffic to your website. Always make the right call for your brand and business.


How Do I Know Adwords is Working for Me?

Take the time to understand the stats. The amazing thing about digital marketing is that it is incredibly measurable compared the print and broadcast advertising. Reporting, statistics, and data allow you to make educated decisions that will benefit your business in both the short term and the long run. The best way to know if Adwords is working is an increase in traffic, enquiries, and turnover.


How Much is It Going to Cost Me Every Month?

You are completely in control of how much you spend. You can increase or decrease your Adwords budget at any time. You hold the reigns when it comes to the amount of financial investment you dedicate to your Adwords advertising. The best way to establish a budget is the speak to an Adwords specialist for advice.


What If I Don’t Have The Time To Dedicate?

Business leaders know marketing and PR are absolutely vital if you don’t want to be left behind. Business owners are often too busy running their businesses that marketing efforts slip down the list of priorities. Everyone knows Coke, yet they advertise on an epic scale. From villages to skyscrapers they put the word out… everywhere. But, what to do if you don’t have the time to manage Adwords and your website?

If finding the time is the problem, then the solution is easy. Be proactive and get a specialist on board.

Work with a marketing, advertising, and PR all-rounder to ensure that your business, brand, and marketing plan are understood from a holistic standpoint. With an expert, you can trust you are in the right hands.

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