Episode 10: 15 Self Marketing Ideas

DIY Marketing for Your Brand & Business Most business owners and entrepreneurs understand that marketing is highly important and vital to the success of a business. Your brand is how your customers and target market recognise you. It is a big part of how you attract your customers. Your customers choose you over all your competitors…Read More

Episode 9: The Power of WordPress

Your Brand & Business Deserves The Best “WORDPRESS IS USED BY MORE THAN 74 MILLION SITES THAT PUBLISH NEW POSTS EVERY SECOND.” entrepreneur.com MILLIONS OF PEOPLE JUST CANT BE WRONG Getting Onto WordPress THE LEADING CHOICE FOR EASY TO MANAGE WEBSITES WordPress is a popular, trusted, and cost-effective platform for building, designing, and managing your website,…Read More

Episode 8: Making Time for Marketing

The Challenge of Finding The Time I’m so busy with the business of running my business that I struggle to find and make the time to market my brand.” THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Trouble Making Time for Marketing The most in-demand commodity is time. Regardless of industry, location, or size, business owners from doctors, lawyers, retailers, through…Read More